Urdu Publications

 Musa se Marx Tak (From Moses to Marx) by Sibte Hassan  

PKR. 125 

Marxism kya Hai (What is Marxism)    

PKR. 75

Communist Manifesto (Urdu)       

PKR. 50

Communist manifesto (Punjabi)    

PKR. 50

Thesis on Feurbach (Urdu)           

Wage  labor and capital (Urdu) 

Eighteenth brumaire of louis Bonaparte (urdu)  

Wages, price and profit (Urdu) 

Critique of the
Gotha programme (Urdu)

Civil war in France (Urdu) 

Dialectics of nature (Urdu) 

Ludwig feurbach and the end of classical german philosophy (Urdu) 

Orgin of the family, private property and the state  

Peasant question in
france and
germany (Urdu)

Where to begin (Urdu)  

Three sources and three component parts of Marxism (Urdu)   PKR. 50 

Imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism (Urdu)      PKR. 150

Left wing communism: an infantile disorder      PKR. 100

State and revolution                      PKR. 100

Che Guevara: Bolivian diaries (Urdu)    PKR. 200

Marxsi Falsafaa by Sajjad Zaheer     PKR. 30

Muntakhib tasaneef of Lenin  PKR. 50

MAA by Maxim Gorky     PKR. 250

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