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The Communist Mazdoor kissan party(CMKP) is the largest  and most advanced Marxist-Leninist party in Pakistan.

  For the purpose of spreading the message of the great Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao, for the spread of the only alternative to imperialism, deprivation, poverty, class inequality, human misery, indeed, for an end of the exploitation of man by man;this blog has been started.

 “No political party can…lead a…revolutionary movement…unless it possesses revolutionary theory and a knowledge of history and has a profound grasp of the practical movement.”

Mao Tse-tung, Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung, Beijing, Foreign Languages Press, 1966

“The world’s greatest movement for liberation of the oppressed class, the most revolutionary class in history, is impossible without a revolutionary theory.”

Lenin, Collected Works, 45 Volumes, Moscow, Progress Publishers, 1963-1970, Vol. 21, page 354.

 “Without a revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement.”

Lenin, What is to Be Done, New York, International Publishers, 1943

  It is in realization of these profound truths, in realization of the fact that the first step towards any revolutionary action, revolutionary theory is required, it is in this spirit that this humble effort has been undertaken.

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