The union of soviet socialist republics

 Another View of Stalin  by Ludo Martens 

PKR. 200

Ten Days that Shook the World by John Reed 

PKR. 300

Collected articles by Dennis McKinsey on the
Soviet Union

The Class character of the Soviet Union  by Sam Marcy 

PKR. 50

How socialist economic foundations were built in the Soviet Union by Yuri Klimov

PKR. 75

Public health in the Soviet Union by N.A. Vinogradov

 PKR. 50

USSR: the velvet counter-revolution by Ludo Martens

PKR. 150

Soviet Democracy by Pat Sloan

PKR. 160

The Government and politics of the Soviet Union  by Leonard Schapiro

PKR. 130

Perestroika: the complete collapse of revisionism by Harpal Brar  

PKR. 170

The collapse of the Soviet Union: reasons and lessons         

PKR. 170

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