Contemporary Marxist works

Political Economy by John Eaton                    

 PKR. 200

Trotskyism or Leninism? By Harpal Brar

PKR. 300 

The Class Character of the Soviet Union by Sam Marcy   

 PKR. 50

Leninism: the Science of Revolution           

PKR. 50

Why Imperialism impedes Human Progress, and How?  

PKR. 150

Expanding Empire       

  PKR. 50

Marxist-Leninist Philosophy: the theory of revolutionary practice by V. Podosetnik     

 PKR. 50

The ever-lasting significance of Marx’s capital by V. Vygodsky      

 PKR. 50

Marxism: it’s roots and essence by Theodore Oizerman        

 PKR. 50

The world of capital: Mechanisms of crisis                   

PKR. 130

Contemporary Trotskyism: it’s anti-revolutionary nature by M. Basmanov 

 PKR. 150

Marxism and the emancipation of women by Ella Rule and other writers   

PKR. 300

Islam and captalism by Maxime Rodinson         

PKR. 150

Political economy: a textbook                             

 PKR. 250

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  1. gmarxism-its root and essence theoder oizerman

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